August 26, 2009

$150 reward for the identification of this man

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I am offering $150 for first person to provide me with the correct identification of this man. 

Who is this person?

  Who is this person?


I attended the Denver Tea Party on April 15 with my wife and two of my kids.  I estimate that there were more than 5000 people there. They were loud and determined, but orderly and well-behaved.  Ages ranged from toddlers to old-timers.  I took a lot of pictures of people holding signs, placards and banners, conversing briefly with many of them, and found them to be polite and accommodating.   If you are interested, you can see some of them at the end of  my video of the event.

But the guy in the picture above bothered me.  I suspected at the time that he was there as a plant to make the conservative tea partiers look bad.  He carried the only profane sign that I saw among hundreds of signs.  I took his picture and put it in my archive in case I ever chose to pursue the question.  The Maurice Schwenkler window smashing attack  on the Denver Democratic party headquarters piqued my interest again.

I am willing to concede that this person may be a conservative jerk.  Out of 5000 people there had to be at least one.  But my guess is that he was not a conservative at all.   If I am wrong I will admit it and drop the question.

So, upon confimation of his identity, I will give $150 to the first person who has given me the information I need to identify this man.  Any information about his political affiliations will also be appreciated.


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