February 4, 2010

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Debt a threat, too

2/3/10, editorial, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Obama’s new budget tells the tale. His proposed $3.8 trillion in spending puts the nation on course for deficits totaling more than $5 trillion over the next five years.

That’s staggering. Recession or not, the country can’t afford that level of spending. The federal government now borrows one-third of all the money it spends.

Obama’s short-term answer to fixing the economy is to borrow more money, and that increases deficits. As the national debt soars, it threatens economic recovery, putting pressure on interest rates to rise and tamping down job creation

Obama is trying to push the worst budget decisions further down the road. That won’t do.

Obama Appears Blinded by His Own Ideological Biases

2/3/10, Jonah Goldberg, Real Clear Politics
“I am not an ideologue,” President Obama insisted,… “I’m not.”

The evidence offered that Obama is no ideologue rests almost entirely on two contentions: He has annoyed some members of his ideological base, and because he says so.

Of course Obama is an ideologue. The important question is whether he is sufficiently self-aware to recognize the truth.

I for one would be horrified to learn that the president is working from the assumption that ideological biases are something only other people have.

Obama routinely insinuates that all of the facts are on his side. He invokes a confabulated consensus of experts to suggest that there is no legitimate reason for anyone to disagree with his agenda.

The philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote in 1909 that if everyone becomes a pragmatist, then “ironclads and Maxim guns must be the ultimate arbiters of metaphysical truth.” Russell’s point was that there’s nothing within pragmatism to delineate the proper and just limits of pragmatism. We must look outside pragmatism for that.


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