October 15, 2009

Indian and US nuclear power: reversed fortunes

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When I was a kid, sitting at the dinner table complaining about my potatoes, my Mom or Dad would say “Stop complaining, kids in India are starving to death.” If you are an American and as old as I am, then your parents probably said the same thing. Why did they say that?

Simple.  Because it was true.

While they starved, our technology brought us health and wealth. In the summer the corn and soy bean fields around my small town were worked by farmers riding John Deere tractors while in the third world desperate undernourished families labored with their hands and feet in the dust or mud. While their political and economic systems made them powerless to fight the droughts and floods that plagued their land, our engineers and scientists found new and efficient ways to harness the bounty of nature and tame its ravages.

While they put people into mass graves, we put people into space and on the moon. While they huddled around fires of sticks and dung, we built nuclear power plants.

While they got lean and determined, we got fat and lazy.

Times Change

Now Americans are governed by neo-luddites who shun clean nuclear energy and are willing to ruin our economic engine to garner “green” votes, while the Indians embrace the future.  The chairman of the Indian Atomic Energy Commission, Anil Kakodkar, spoke of Indian electricity production and  recently said “The proportion of nuclear power by 2050 could well be around 50 percent” of Indian electricity.

If the United States doesn’t change course, our fraction of nuclear energy will be zero by 2050.

India thenand now


US then and now


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