November 8, 2009

There will be a revolt – one way or another

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The house has passed the Democrat desired heath care take-over

Let me be very succinct on this issue – this is a theft of freedom. And there will be a revolt of one kind or another. The first line of resistance is the US Senate. If the Senate cannot prevent this debacle, then the next line of resistance would be the ballot box. If a new paradigm now reigns – a paradigm where a majority of people can expect to vote benefits to themselves at the expense of a minority of the people – then a revolt at the ballot box will fail.

But I believe there are enough people in the country who will feel this assault on their freedom so acutely that they will find other means of revolt. And these are the very people who form the bedrock of the economy, and have the resources to force a change.

I can’t predict how this revolt will self-organize or what specific events will transpire. But big things will happen.


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